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As a programmer starting around 1982, I began moving quickly from ZX Spectrum Basic to assembler and then learning almost every 8-bit assembler programming language available to me, from Z80(Spectrum), 6502(BBC Micros), 6809(Dragon 32). I taught myself C when I got an Atari STE. With the Atari and Amiga 1200 computers I learnt 16-bit assembler and furthered C until I got my first PC. Albeit I did start in the PC life at a 166Mhz model from the Amiga 1200.

Now, with a plethora of learned programming languages (see here), frameworks and concepts, with a little research I can quickly pick up and start developing new software.

Experience comes from years of C/C++, 2D/3D graphics API’s (openGL and embedded), Android development, many languages (Java, python, C/C++, Assembler), OS development (Windows, Linux, Android and embedded), client/server web development (Google Web Toolkit), secure network programming (UDP/TCP) and developing software from the ground up to an end product.

My current hobbies in my spare time are developing software for multiple/cross platform devices including Windows, Linux, Android, HTML5 and embedded Linux. I tend to tinker with open source 3D API’s for example, Irrlicht, LibGdx and raw openGL/ES.

My home PC is an i7, 8Gb ram with an nVidia GTX 980Ti. And currently runs Linux Mint 18 Mate and Windows 10.

(EDITED 2017 Jun 12)…

More recently I’ve installed Windows 10 alongside Linux (dual boot) so that I can get the feel again for Windows development.


Carl Norwood (WLGfx)

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