Java Thread Pool – A thread pool example which shows how to set up and use. Thread pools are very useful for queuing threads up to run after one another. It also allows the setting up of the number of consecutive threads that are running in parallel. An example of a good usage is the generation of 3d mesh data where the mesh is split into separate sections, or image processing.

Java OO class inheritance – When you have lots of objects that make up a scene it is handy to use sub-classing so that you only fill out an array with one class type. Each object class is sub-classed from the root class. This type of coding is what OO is all about.

Previous projects (my history) – These are links to other projects over the years that I have worked on. These go from crappy games, to pseudo random level generators, to 3d level editors and more.

Programming languages I know – I pick up stuff over the years. I started in 1982 so obviously programming languages just happen to be learnt. Some more than others.

Static Memory Manager – A C++ class that handles a memory block as a memory pool to be used for allocations. This is designed to be quick and also when not needed, can be cleared faster than normal memory allocations. I’ve used this quite a lot lately.

Android TCP Client/Server – An example of using TCP communications over the internet to send images to an Android device.

UDP server echo – I needed a way of having devices locate a server and connect to it. UDP broadcasting from a server was a perfect solution for this. The device would just listen for the broadcast data and then within that data was the location of the server.

Psuedo Random Number Generator in Assembler – A new journey has begun again with assembler programming. I’ve always been a fan of using assembler for speed and this is a simple example of using assembler to encrypt data.