Programming useful links

The Code Project – Some great resources

The CodeProject is an excellent resource for all programming related stuff, such as tutorials and lots of examples.

A Convex Hull Algorithm and its implementation in O(n log h)

Not so long ago I challenged a student at work to solve this, and he did really well at it. This algorithm is used in a lot of 2D games for collision detection and creating an enclosing shell of an image object.

Once the hull outline has been generated this can be rotated perfectly for any angle used for the objects angle and detect collisions.

Android Studio 3.0 – Impacts and Possibilities

In December 2017 I really needed to update a long standing project that was using Android Studio 2.3 with a very early experimental Gradle version. I finally got around to it and the new Android Studio, with Java 8, had a lot more that I wasn’t familiar with. This page should explain some of those differences.