Elsewhere there are things that we all miss, yet it takes just one to notice...

Previous projects

This is history revisited for me.

DarkDUMB – MOD, S3M, IT, XM music plugin license free…

Find it at The Game Creators

DarkDUMB is a plugin for dark basic which allows loading of old formats such as MOD files, scream tracker files and play them. Not only that, it allows you to use the VU meter values from each channel as well as FFT data. With this extra bonus, it is possible to create graphics that play along with the music.

MySQL plugin for DBPro

Find it at The Game Creators

Adds full MySQL functionality to Dark Basic Pro.

Perlin Noise DLL – Create Terrain, Clouds and Textures (also seamlessly tiled)

Find it at The Game Creators

This plugin for Dark Basic Pro adds many noise algorithms in 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D, from perlin, simplex, seamless, and other effects. Many of the TGC developers have used this plugin in their own projects.

Procedural 3D Level Generator V4 plugin for Dark Basic Pro (FREE!)

Find it at The Game Creators

Procedural content generation is one of the things I have a huge interest in and this is the result of some of my earlier code. From just one random number, the plugin will generate a complete 3D level with rooms and corridors.

As soon as I find links to other projects I have done, I will add them.

The sad loss of all the content from my old website is gutting to say the least.


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