Elsewhere there are things that we all miss, yet it takes just one to notice...


My PC at home does actually host a website for testing purpose which you may be interested in seeing. A lot more content will be provided over time.

wlgfx@home Link updated (2017 Jul 31)

This only works when my home PC is on.

Hosting a website from your home PC is possible by using NOIP.com which my Sky router updates each time it is rebooted by sending noip.com my IP address. From there I added a setting on my router which redirects a port to a static IP which my PC is set at.

And that folks, is how I host stuff from my PC.

I only use Apache Tomcat 7, I’m not interested in PHP or SQL.

I’ve also tested out opening a specific port on the router and redirecting to my PC and having a TCP listener. The listener will accept 4 bytes (a command code). If the 4 bytes do not match any valid commands, the connection is closed. Otherwise it will send data back to the client. This project was an interesting test and is not currently running as I do not want to leave open ports on the internet for too long.

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