More stuff August 2016

Very rarely do I update my website. That’s because I work all day and get very little time at home to actually work on my own stuff. However, I can update on a few things.

  1. My knowledge of Java has improved vastly that now it’s rare I use google to solve my problems for me. Personally I wouldn’t use it for my own projects, except for the web server I will eventually start work on. Lots of people still say that there is now speed difference between Java and C++, but there is when you are running constant loops in code.
  2. Google Web Toolkit or GWT. I’ve used this extensively for over a year now and I do actually like it more and more as the months go by. More recently, I’ve figured out how to manage logged in users and session management. I usually have a tomcat user assigned in Linux which the back-end can use, away from the web server to do it’s storage and data crunching. LibGDX also uses GWT and with the experience I’ve had, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve.
  3. Qt… What more can I say. Every new version that comes out it gets more and more support. Recently I have figured how to call Java functions from Qt’s C++ on the Android platform which can be used for lots of missing features from native.
  4. I still haven’t got round to playing around more with Python which I really want to do. As a scripting language it looks great. And for it’s mega bloated support for everything and anything (API’s etc), there’s no end to what it can do. Ideally once I get to getting good at it I want to be able to quickly prototype stuff to be redone in C++ or Java.

For the time being that’s it.

My plan for the very near future is to get some more stuff done on my website using the GWT back-end.

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