Not really an update…

Another week done and a few wins at work. I’ve been writing code to display graphics for statistical data. ie. Sales targets and stuff. Most of the awkward stuff was having to accommodate for different resolutions, portrait and landscape modes and also having to calculate the font metrics. All done though although I do need to make a few adjustments to get the advanced settings to work properly.

My personal project has gone on hold until this weekend (tomorrow), because  two hours on an evening is not enough time to get stuck in to it. I need thinking time more than I need coding time. And then I need debugging time.

I have noticed though over this past year, I can write a shed load of code, a good few hundred to over a thousand lines of code, before I can finally test it out and it works. Well, saying it works, it’s easier to fix the bugs when it finally comes to testing.

This weekend I want to test communication over the internet using a crypto secure pseudo random number generator, or CSPRNG. Basically the client and server socket connections will be able to communicate without the transmitted data being viewed by any outsiders. The technique is quite simple, it’s the implementation of it and how it is handled that needs to be secured. Other systems use private keys, hashes, passwords, etc. A long list of security protocols. I kind of like the two stage authentication. Because this will be running through four pieces of software, I’ve devised a two way security system. Only access is allowed from the outside from my PC (if that is my work station) or my phone. And then, if this takes off, text message stage too. It boils down to a ‘real’ MAC address and the ‘fake’ MAC address. TCP communications can hopefully solve this by authenticating a number of things.

Anyway… I’m tired. Beers are knocking me out, and as usual, not my brain cell. So good night…

PS. Any up-scaling in the future I’ve made a few mental notes.

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