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Another little test on water in WebGL

I’d ‘scene’ it done lots of times and I already knew that CopperLicht could do it out of the box anyway so I thought a quick 5 minutes to get something done.

I wanted to have reflective water.

View the WebGL page

Most of the time when I get home from work I am ‘goosed’ and my brain just stops for the rest of the evening. I’m hoping to change that over the next coming months.

Now that I’ve faffed about with CopperCube, it’s time to use my old Irrlicht experience and put it to some WebGL stuff using the CopperLicht 3D engine. I’ve recently purchase a level editor that allows me to create Quake 3, Half Life, etc maps. All of which can be loaded into CopperLicht and Irrlicht. With the built in collision I plan on creating a ‘maybe’ funny scene using some dodgy A.I. running around a fully light-mapped scene. I’m already looking into it.

Over the next day or two, most likely two, then again maybe longer as the mother in law is down… I want to be a bit more creative with a level design and coding. The thorn in my side is Javascript. I’ve always avoided it because I’ve considered it useless, but lately after finding that the later browsers now compile it into byte code, it’s a little more impressive.

Still don’t like it.

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