ARM assembler 32 bit with 64 bit variables

Although I won’t be using ARM CPU’s for my main project I started to think about my x86_64 random number generator I wrote in a previous blog post and also included in a page for adding assembler code to Eclipse Neon.

There is now 32 bit and 64 bit ARM CPU’s out there in the mobile world, but mostly they consist of 32 bit ARM’s. What I really am better off doing in that case is to use a C function and grab the disassembly¬† and work from that.

Other uses for assembler on mobile devices can easily be upgraded using assembler code, such as image manipulation. Faster math routines, such as calculating 3D meshes and vertex and face normals. I won’t be studying much of ARM assembler because I’m working with portable x86_64 boards.

And, when I was doing 24/7 assembler on the Atari ST and the Amiga 1200, there was 0.01% need for 64 bit values then.

The only reason at the moment for needing 64 bit variables is for the random number generation so that cryptic code can be written. I’m not using ARM CPU’s so carry on with x86_64.

I was hoping to try out some other assembler stuff tonight, especially using Qt because I can access bitmap data directly. I’ll jump onto that tomorrow night instead. I’ve got the assembler bug again.

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