MS Access Databases

They’re really just as simple as using */UNIX…


I’ve been faffing about with my database for most of the night and after relearning a few things, I deleted all my queries and forms and started again.

The relationships screen is where I now layout everything and then I decide to add tables from there well before I start designing the forms.

What I had before would have worked, but I wanted this to be perfect. And that’s why I deleted all my previous work. Using the relationships between Tables and Queries really does make life easier when building up forms and reports.

So far though, with my own project, I’ve not had the need for any VBA unlike at work. The experiences from my own project and the works one too will benefit both projects. I’m hoping that when I decide on changes for the works project, it won’t be too big. Luckily enough, both of them are at the moment small databases.

Just with tonight’s ‘messing’ around, I’ve actually got back to fully understanding the relational side of linking tables and queries. And how it makes creating forms much easier.

It’s only been about two weeks now I think getting back into MS Access, there about.

Ah well… My server and test devices are still running. 🙂

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