Just some random updates

The ‘project’ has slowed a bit because of content and artwork which I will be jumping on over these next few days.

Server updates are now being reconsidered because I read last night that non-blocking IO can also be done in Java. I can quickly setup stuff in Java than I can in C++ which means Java has that slight advantage being a language. It may end up being 10-15% slower overall, but it just does stuff. And development is much faster.

However, saying that, I’ve still to test out the non-blocking IO in Java. So time will tell on that score.

If it works then the previous devices commands will be ported over so they will carry on running. The current server is running Java so why not.

If it doesn’t, then it will be back to the fd_set and select() in C which was coming on very nicely until the distraction.

Video editing has been done mainly with Blender. Recently though, I tried Adobe Premiere CS2 and at first glance it looked like it could really do the job. First off, it doesn’t import 99% of video clips and other file formats. I think the only two things that it has going for it is the titling and the rendering of the work area for faster previewing.

Now, Openshot, may not have the best interface, but it just works. Titling is a pain using an external editor. And it also renders the video in memory as you’re going along for faster playback.

With using Openshot, I can create 95% of what I need it for. All titling can be done externally which can be a pain, but more than doable. I just drag n drop the exported PNG’s. I only need to figure out a faster way of setting key frames for animations.

My head is exploding at the moment. I’ve got the ‘project’ to think about, the ‘projects’ server updates, learning new API’s, protocols, etc, blah, as well as trying to do this all in ‘my’ time.

My time now is extremely valuable to me. I’m spending most of it on working on my ‘project’. There are people that know about it, and others I won’t tell because those that know would gladly give up their ‘time’ for me.

This project is actually going to be a huge thing for me. There are only a few involved in it. I was going to involve another but fate stepped in perfectly because of this ‘time’ issue. So it’s carrying on as it was meant to. It is a lot of mental work but it’s will be worth it.

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