Portable monitors are awesome! … ?

Straight up, yes they are. I have two, an 11 inch standard HD and a 15 inch 4K. Both power over USB, both have extra USB C ports on them and both have USB C video input and HDMI.

They are also thin, very light and come with a magnetic cover which acts as a stand. The brightness and colours are perfect to me.

But, …

When it comes to the resolution and the size of the monitor itself, especially the 4K monitor, ‘size matters’.

I do a lot of programming and screen real estate is essential for displaying code. The more code you can see on the screen, the better. And here’s were the 4K monitor falters.

At that resolution, you know 4 times the space of a HD screen. Well, in resolution anyway. You’d think, or at least I did, silly me. You’d think that opening 4 browser windows in each corner or the monitor. Oh yeah, that is cool.

Nope. It’s a 15 inch screen. Splitting it up into 4, 7 inch screens doesn’t work. Simple as. You strain your eyes reading tiny, tiny text.

For programming they are superb. But to split the screen up smaller, nope.

Oh, I’ve also got a 28 inch 4k monitor and I can confirm it doesn’t look too bad splitting 4 browser windows.

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