My current stack development

Linux headless server

Once everything is deployed, the linux distribution will have  the desktop stripped and left to run headless.

UDP server

General broadcasting of the servers location on the network along with the current time 4 times a second as the end point devices have no internet connection and no time.

TCP server

Used for communication between the server and devices. Content is managed through TCP instead of FTP as it is more secure.


The software manages the servers UDP and TCP communication and also handles other commands when necessary from the web server. UDP is used for streaming DVB-T data across the network. Continually running daemon in linux.

Apache Tomcat 7

The Java based web server.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

The web framework for both front and back end web server. Used to manage user logins and session authentication. Manages the devices deployment. Mainly in Java. The web server is a large project.

Android Studio and Qt 5.7

Used to write the software for the end point devices.

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