Testing out TCP server over the web (my IoT stuff)

So I have this idea where I can take photos on my phone or save images from the web and then send them directly to my PC.

I’m currently using a Sky router in which I have enabled a port redirect to my PC. That’s all working. And I’ve got an external web address which re-routes to my PC also. That’s all working as I can host a website on my PC and access from outside.

The first pitfall was I started a console application in Qt to be a TCP server, but, deploying Qt applications to anywhere can be a huge pain in the butt.

So now I’ve decided to pick between a Java server or a C/C++ server. The issue I will have with a standard C/C++ server is image handling when it comes to working with them in the future, whereas Java has built in Bitmap libraries. Although I could add a 3rd party library to get around this, Java has lots of other libraries.

The other issue is speed. C/C++ has raw speed and that it. But because its a server, speed shouldn’t really be an issue for most things.

I’ve already successfully got the address of my PC over the internet and in the past had a basic TCP communication test working. This time it’s for real.

Okay, I’ll try out a Java project and see how it goes.

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