VPS and WebGL project

Tonight I had a full on plan to get my own VPS (Linux based) and setup a Tomcat server ready for my WebGL personal project showcase. I’m planning on porting some old school samples from years ago from both IrrLicht and Dark Basic Pro.

So far, I’ve not made a start as the missus passed her CBT today (Motorbike Compulsory Basic Training) and she is way over excited.

VPS and Tomcat are still in progress.

I also plan on studying this WebAsm too for much faster rendering.

To start with I will be using Parallax3D for GWT which I’ve played around with a few times before. I finally decided on Parallax3D after giving up on LibGDX (which is very good and easy), and CopperLicht (which I don’t like using Javascript).

If it chills out tonight, which is highly unlikely, then I’ll make a start.

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