WebGL 3D

After faffing about with CopperCube and CopperLicht, which is fun to play around with, I’ve found it quite restricting for the type of demonstrations that I want to do. So I’ve decided to head on back to Parallax3D, bypassing the urge to play with LibGDX again.

The reason for dumping CopperLicht is simple. I don’t like Javascript at all. With GWT, it is rare I need to use JSNI with it.

LibGDX is good but each LibGDX project has to be a complete GWT module in itself, which means copying over all the GWT stuff again. It probably is likely that I could integrate it into a GWT project and I might try it at some point.

However, Parallax3D just appears to have everything and is a simple Jar file which is added to a GWT project.

So… It’s finding out what mesh files (hopefully wavefront OBJ’s as well) and I’ll be up and running if the weather is bad this weekend.

I also need to FTP this site as my homes Sky router isn’t working with the DNS service.

Enough of this. Time to setup a project on my lappy.


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