Having a wind down for the holiday away.

It’s Monday evening now and on Wednesday, my loved one and I are jetting off to Morroco for a break away and much deserved to get away from reality.

However, I’ve already setup a laptop that I’m taking with me for when I get heat stroke, or something else like boredom, for not only keeping in touch with family and friends (when we’re not busy lazying it), with a small ssd. My accounts are not being stored on it just in case but I have installed some essential IDE’s that I use.

When I get back, and as I’ve already setup, I’ve got a test home server running which I can monitor and use while I’m away. A few final touches to it tomorrow evening. With the wifi at the hotel, I’m going to knock up a quick android app to test it out with.

Apart from that, I’m pretty grumpy at the moment. Home is a tip and needs a hand-grenade throwing at it. Worrying about the next week while we’re away. Argh!!!

Anyway… Noisy all of a sudden here…

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