Java programming

After just over 3 years of programming in Java, I still haven’t sussed out how to actually open up a basic IDE and start a simple UI project from scratch.

This I know from installing Netbeans. Which I’ve used before to create a dedicated server so that client devices can receive images created using Java AWT libraries. That was easy, create a TCP listening thread, accept connections, return renderings of bitmaps in compressed PNG format. Easy.

I’ve also created (which was a UI app) a program that sniffs the UDP broadcast of the IPTV/Digital Signage server (which I wrote), and opens up a custom web interface from the server without knowing the IP address. That was easy with the help of a couple of references from the web. It turned out to be quite a small program in the end and hardly any effort in it.

Even after Android development, writing games and even using FFMpeg to write a media player using the NDK.

I simply just wanted to write (using the accumulated knowledge of Java) a simple multi window/dialog application on my laptop. Wow… It still amazes me how I got through all the previous software developing. Maybe on an evening, I’m just not that focused. But I’m not giving in.

Java may not have the power of C, but it does have a lot that can be used as I’ve mentioned above. I’m finding it simple to handle threading and AWT bitmaps, etc. All I need now is to be able to setup up a display in a window (GL or raster, whichever is the quickest to begin with) and I’ll be happy.

Qt is simple enough for both openGL and normal UI stuff. So now I want to do the same with Java. So far without the UI stuff, I can run anything, ie server side from Java, but UI stuff I’ll just have to persevere with.

I’ll get there. Nighttime coding was something I always used to do. Going to bed when I realised the sun was poking its head up in the morning.

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