Linux X11 full screen

Wow! Just how easy was it to have a full screen window in Linux?

In windows, you had to include a shed load of libraries and link to them. In Linux you just link to X11, one or two parameters, and that’s it.

All I required was a basic window that I could attach the VLC player to, similar to any 3D API requirements, so that I could bypass VLC switching from full screen to desktop all the time. And all in 20 lines of code, not obfuscated, and one instruction per line, with a while loop for a pause, I got it. Windows couldn’t do that. It would take, erm, lots of, erm, junk to do it. erm 😉

Again, not a lot of time tonight to do stuff, so by the time I came round to getting this done, I thought I might as well set a target for this step to be done by tomorrow night. Now it looks like tomorrow night I can attach VLC to play a playlist.

See what happens tomorrow if chaos don’t arise.

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