Project update (no code snippets tonight)

My personal project has taken a huge face lift. The original player code has been stripped and split into two classes, the media client layer and the player itself.

The media client is the heart of the player which handles the communication with the server and supplies the player with its playlist. It’s still not compete by far, but closer to what I need it to do.

The player at the moment does zip all. The intention is to have it playing a media file and then check with the media client of any updates which will adjust it’s playlist. All previous tests of the media player have been running great.

The android app is still waiting on the above media client and its communication with the server so that I can move that one forward.

Basically tonight has been refactoring a lot of code. With a lot of testing in between. So far so good, but I’ve run out of time for tonight. Two hours isn’t enough.

I’ll need some time to do some Blender work soon also.

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