Personal project update Wed 20/09/17

The player software I am writing which had a big refactor last night now sends its unique ID to the server. The server also now stores this without a playlist which can be picked up by the mobile application which I started last week, but tomorrow I will work on.

At the moment, the server does actually look through the internal database and responds to the client, which is working so far. At the moment it just responds with a zero playlist and closes the connection.

I was too busy to be adding the encryption which can actually wait for now.

The next step is to get the Android software to be able to create temporary playlists, pick up empty devices, duplicate other devices playlists and set a new device up. Just this bit will take a little while because the Android API is quite huge and I’m used to using Qt, not Android Studio.

What I ought to be doing, which is what I do at work, is to keep a progress diary. I’ll make a start on that now actually. This I can update every time I work on my own projects.

I’m happy with the progress so far because even though I get a maximum of 2 hours after work and maybe a little bit more at the weekends, this particular project is taking shape finally.

There will be one main PC piece of software that will control everything as well as a few Android apps that do their bits. The devices player and the server are the easy bits. Although through time, I’ll have to look at making this scalable.

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