Perseverance and a nice win

I’ve already got the media manager software completed, although it will get a huge face lift in the near future. I’ve also got a running server that at the moment does quite a lot of things. I’ve also got the player on the devices making solid connections. New devices show up in the file system and internal databases. All the servers responses are currently 100%.

Tonight, I got my android app communicating with the server. After a silly mistake, the app now fetches new devices from the server and displays them ready for the next step. All connections are completely over the internet and via TCP. Eventually, once all test have been completed, all the security will be put into place. I’m not even thinking about security just yet because the later I leave it before the final product, the more secure it will be.

Actually, that very last sentence has just got me thinking about security. I seriously need to start securing this right now. Tomorrow I will implement the initial security layer (which is configurable).

Still no code snippets, sorry.

And still a fair bit of work to get done.

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