Linux shell scripts

Another thing I’ve been playing about with for the last couple of weeks is automating stuff using shell scripting.

Wow! How much time can it save you by just writing a simple script.

There’s been loads of times when I wanted to backup my project. Not only can a small script do that but it can also rename and older backup file to something else as well. By just dropping a script into a directory and run it, I’m now capable of personal version control. Okay not quite the same thing, but I know what I mean.

I’m on the verge of now being able to run scripts to automatically update software on a remote machine too using ssl. So far I can package up various pieces of software (build them if needed too) and use the scp¬†command to copy them to a remote machine. All I need to do next is to be able to run commands and scripts over ssl. Almost there.

This shell scripting is amazingly powerful.

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