Elsewhere there are things that we all miss, yet it takes just one to notice...

BASH script VLC player

In just 15 lines of script I’ve got a fully working test player running from BASH and using the VLC player. All I need now is just a simple Java program to fetch the data from the server and if there are changes then restart the player. Ah, scripting makes life easy. From Java I can check the exit status of System.exit(status) in the bash script and act accordingly. This will speed development up a hell of a lot.

Currently the Java server is rock solid. And I do need the much needed device editor so that I can assign playlists to devices. Now that I have the player I will write a simple device manager. Probably in Qt first then I will transfer it over to mobile.

EDIT: Change that to 10 lines of script. Now to get on to a simple device manager.

EDIT 2: Initially I setup a UI in Qt, but then decided to setup the same UI in Netbeans using Swing and Java. This is mainly because the server is written in Java.

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