Elsewhere there are things that we all miss, yet it takes just one to notice...

A weekend is over. Updates.

Where is the day between Sunday and Monday?

I needed a little more time this weekend to continue building my project up. The manager is nearing completion with only the transfers of media to devices needing doing now. Then it is getting the devices to simply run on their own.

Distractions at home is what mainly slows my pace down. Noise and stuff.

Ah well.

I only get at most an hour and half after work if that during the week so the first thing I will be doing is adding a shed load of comments to my code.

This last section, the media manager was quite easy to get up and running because the device manager had already been done.

I know that in the future it will eventually get a complete rewrite yet again, but at least this version will handle up to 1000 devices. That’s a low estimate. Once it goes live, I’ll update everything so that it can scale up to anything.

The devices themselves will get a full run by the end of the week. That I am looking forward to seeing. All this work finally being showcased.

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