Just a few updates

Well, that’s January over. And it seemed to have shot by really quick too.

The first stage of my personal project is complete and has been running 100% for quite a while now. It’s now just testing out in the field that needs doing.

I’ve got everything running through a DNS server that routes back to my home PC, so no matter where devices are running they can easily connect to my home PC for communications over TCP. Eventually this will be running on a cloud service which I’ve been looking into lately, whether that be Google or AWS or something else, I don’t know yet.

All network traffic runs on two way encryption which was actually very easy to implement. At the moment it is not a very complex encryption because I do want to test for speed overheads with this. If I’m handling 1000 plus devices, ‘at the same time’, then I really don’t want the CPU burning the house down. I’ve a few more cryptographic algorithms I want to test out too, but they can wait for now.

Video creation has been non-existent since before Christmas because I’ve been focused on the programming of this project. Over the last two days I’ve loaded up Blender and although I can move things around easy enough, the old knack has gone again. I really like Blender, but when it comes to finishing something off that requires programming, then Blender has to wait just like most other things.

One thing I do need to start focusing on, and I started looking into this before Christmas, was a full accounting database. The only one from the past that I’m familiar with is MS Access, and trying to find one that works on Linux is still a pain. I’m planning on using Linux so MS will not do. So, when it comes to storing all financial records, invoicing, etc, it looks like I’ll have to write my own software. Shame really, I do like the awesomeness of MS Access. (Which I started using at work earlier today)

So, the next stage is to finalise the tests out in the field. To do this, I will take my demo devices to various places and see it running just nicely. The management software will also be tested out in the field too.

Once that stage has been proven successful over time, then it’s the setting up of the rest of the management of the project. This will include accounts, security, moderation, sustainability tests, reviews on scale-ability, moving to an initial cloud server, and more.

Up until this is a showcase-able project then for the most parts, apart from what I write about, this will be under wraps because I want this to be mine with the help of very few and limited resources. Trusting is hard to do when you lived through enough of life to have experienced people take away your ideas in a wink.

Until next time.

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