Updates 2018-Feb-21

My project:

I’ve been taking my time on this project for a damn good reason, I don’t want to rush things and end up making some serious mistakes with it.

There are a few, quite a few bits of code, that will need a rewrite, mainly in C++. This is mainly for future proofing.

I’m currently on stage 2 of this which involves 3 main sections.

The first section involves the database which I am currently working on in MS Access. I used to be an Access master, so I’m getting my hands dirty and learning it all over again. For the past few months I’ve looked for anything that came close to what MS Access can actually do and I’ve found nothing. MS Access is everything for creating a database application from scratch. VBA might be a tad awkward, but it is doing everything I need it for so far. I hope in the future it can also do TCP communications.

The second and third sections of this stage 2 are a lot more involved in prepping for the future. The second being done this next week if all goes well.

The final third of stage 2 will involve the website. I’m hoping that it will be handled by someone I know who is fully capable. This will include handling accounts and payments too. And I’ve been told that it can also handle invoicing.

After that, it’s is just going with the flow. I’m being very weary of contacts because I’ve been bitten before.


I’ve still got a good few months before the above starts to take shape, although some early testing will be done sooner than expected. Apart from that I’m doing okay with myself apart from slacking with my exercising.

This month has been hard for moving things forward because I lost a lost of money this month. I still get annoyed over that. I could do with a few more devices to put out into the field. And with the lack of testing, I’ve also held back on setting up the cloud server.

Programming has been ‘nicely’ minimal. I’ve mainly been running all my software and fixing bugs. I have been able to chill. Well ‘ish’…

And I’ll get back to a regular weight lifting routine again.


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