Project updates

I’ve had the server running for over 3 weeks so far, and although it’s only a few testing devices, it’s looking very promising. The server hasn’t failed once and I’ve even ssh’d into it and run a couple of checks.

My next step, whilst I’m taking the time to build the database software, is to setup another server. More servers means backups and 100% running and up time. The servers can also update each other depending on the regions requirements. That means if I upload content that belongs on other servers, then the servers will organise themselves automatically. A bit like a decentralised distribution of data.

Devices will also receive updates when new servers have been added as periodically they will question what servers are available to them. This will help with manual load balancing as more devices are added. Although were I want to go with this will not need manual load balancing, it is something I want to test out on test servers anyway.

Although all of this is stuck in my head at the moment, I’ve had a few quick browses through my code base and it this seems pretty simply to implement and upgrade without any interruptions to the servers current up time. This is definitely something I want to fully test out. Even down to the servers possibly updating themselves when one has been updated. I will look into this as I’m more leaning towards manually accepting server updates for security.

After long thinking over the weekend I was building myself up to putting this project forward to someone as a partnership proposal. I got home from work today and decided that’s a no. For the time being, this is staying mine.

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