GWT IFrame DialogBox example

In GWT, being able to load external pages comes in extremely handy when you want to pass on a lot of the design work to another team. This can be achieved by loading an external page elsewhere on the web server into an IFrame and wrapping the existing widgets.

Most GWT widgets can be wrapped, buttons, DIV’s, check boxes, etc.

Unfortunately I’ve not found a way of wrapping a HTML table. The only way around that is to have the table on the existing HTML page in a DIV, clear the DIV and programmatically add the new table which can be styled using the pages CSS. However, another problem arises with CSS which is you cannot use table header and footers CSS.

Anyway, below is a quick and simple way of loading an external page into a DialogBox using an IFrame and wrapping the buttons. You might notice that I’ve cleared the DialogBox CSS style.

[snippet id=”7″]