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TCP home server test client

With the previous post setup I’ve written a very basic example of how to test the server. At the moment, there are no back and forth communications, just a simple send of a 4 byte header.

Run the server program first, and then run the test. These can actually be run in the same order from Eclipse.

The good news is, this also works over the internet. The ‘Global’ in the code hold a string of my web server address and also the port that my router has open.

So, all working as expected.

[snippet id=”11″]

The output from the server will be:

WLGfx Home Server - Starting up
Shutdown hook attached
TCP Server thread started...
TCP Incoming socket handler
Got header: HEAD

Java server test 1 [UPDATED]

My first test for Java as a console daemon. There’s not much here at the moment and the project is in Eclipse IDE.

From Eclipse, right click on the project and select export and then export as a runnable jar. Then in the terminal just type:

java -jar myexportedjar.jar

The JVM will continue to run as long as there are non daemon threads still running as in the below code. Also note that the hook handler allows catching of CTRL+C and other errors.


I’ve now added the actually tcp server code which has a timeout on the server socket to allow for the thread to shut down safely. And a thread to handle each incoming connection.

[snippet id=”9″]

(I’m currently not well at the moment but I’m plodding on with some studies.)

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