Elsewhere there are things that we all miss, yet it takes just one to notice...

Making progress slowly

Okay, this website has been up for a good few days now and yet I’ve not found the time to find a decent theme or start adding content.

I really need to add something at least every night. Code snippets and other stuff.

My blog will contain updates and possibly some rants from time to time, but I aim to keep this as professional as possible for the future. I might even remove WordPress and add my own CMS as I am quite familiar with GWT now and Java.

I’m about to get myself sorted for work in the morning, so if I have enough time I will add a new page to start off my showcase examples using libGDX. LibGDX is a cross platform API not just for desktop, Android and iOS, but also for HTML5. I am building up some examples in HTML using libGDX.

First post…

This site and blog is centered around mainly around myself, my programming and my interests. Nothing more, nothing less.

It appears I’ve lost approximately 6 years of content from my old free hosting company (freehostingnoads.net), which I am seriously not happy with, but I’m going to plod on.

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