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Fullscreen video playlist done

Using Linux and libvlc I’ve finally got what I was aiming for. A full screen video playlist player. And it was quite easy.

The steps to get here:

  1. Monday: Play a media file. A few lines of code did this. And with the addition of one extra line of code made it full screen.
  2. Play a playlist of videos full screen. This is where things went wrong. After one video had finished, the vlc player would quit fullscreen, flash the desktop and then play the next video in full screen. This was not acceptable.
  3. Tuesday: Using the stock Linux libraries to go full screen. This took all of about 20 minutes from start to end. And again, in just a few lines of code. It was a chaotic night at home so I just finished up there.
  4. Wednesday: Just chilled out and watched TV after work instead.
  5. Thursday: I now needed to use the full screen window and attach the videos to it so that the desktop doesn’t appear. By just passing the window ID to the vlc media player, this was done.

Now all I need to work on the managing the playlists over the internet. And order myself and Odroid C2 with a few other gadgets. So far, this is going 100% perfectly.

By my reckoning, I should have a media player that boots up in less than 10 seconds and playing. How awesome…

The hefty part of the coding is about to start…

Linux X11 full screen

Wow! Just how easy was it to have a full screen window in Linux?

In windows, you had to include a shed load of libraries and link to them. In Linux you just link to X11, one or two parameters, and that’s it.

All I required was a basic window that I could attach the VLC player to, similar to any 3D API requirements, so that I could bypass VLC switching from full screen to desktop all the time. And all in 20 lines of code, not obfuscated, and one instruction per line, with a while loop for a pause, I got it. Windows couldn’t do that. It would take, erm, lots of, erm, junk to do it. erm 😉

Again, not a lot of time tonight to do stuff, so by the time I came round to getting this done, I thought I might as well set a target for this step to be done by tomorrow night. Now it looks like tomorrow night I can attach VLC to play a playlist.

See what happens tomorrow if chaos don’t arise.

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